Student medication


Dear Parent/Caregiver,

Strict procedures have been developed by the Queensland Government in relation to the administering of prescription and over the counter medication in schools. It is important that schools work closely with parents of our students in adhering to these regulations.

In order to ensure that students have access to a reasonable standard of support for their health needs whilst attending school or school-based activities, a request for school staff to administer medication during school hours should be considered only when there is no other alternative in relation to the treatment of specific medical conditions or when a prescribing health practitioner has determined that the administration of medication at school is necessary.

Schools require medical authorisation from a prescribing health practitioner to administer any medication to students, including over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or alternative medicines.

All parents/caregivers must:

  • Notify the school in writing of a health condition requiring medication at school
  • Request in writing if school staff are to administer medication or assist in the management of a health condition
  • Notify our school in writing of any requests and/or guidelines from medical practitioners including potential side effects or adverse reactions
  • Provide the medication in the original labelled container to the nominated staff member
  • Ensure the medication is not out of date and has an original pharmacy label with the following :
    • student name
    • strength and description of the medication
    • dose and route of administration (may include the duration of therapy)
    • correct storage information, expiry date and batch number
    • initials/logo of the pharmacist taking responsibility
    • time the medication is to be taken and any other relevant directions for use
  • Notify our school in writing when a change of dosage is required.  This instruction must be accompanied by the original medication container with an attached prescription pharmacy label showing new dosage requirement.
  • Advise our school in writing and collect the medication when it is no longer required at school
  • Ensure a Request to Administer Medication at School form is completed and provided to the school

Over the counter medications must have:

  • A written request from the medical practitioner for over-the-counter medication to be administered


  • The medical practitioner co-signs the Request to Administer Medication at School form accompanied by clear instructions as to the dose and specific times required at school
  • Medication provided in original pharmacy labelled container to the school.

Please ensure all medications are presented to the school’s nominated staff member, in this instance our Student Services Officer Nikki Casey.

Please read all the points carefully, any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school on (07) 5460 6111.

Last reviewed 17 March 2020
Last updated 17 March 2020