Inclusive Education


Students with additional learning needs

At Boonah SHS, we believe in “every student succeeding, every day”. We understand that some students need additional support to experience that success for many different reasons. This may be because the student has a verified disability or because they have other learning or support needs.

Boonah SHS has a number of programs which assist students to succeed including:

  • Our case management approach
  • Quick Smart Literacy and Numeracy

QuickSmart Literacy and Numeracy

QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy are responsive, small-group intervention programs that aim to develop fluent (Quick) and efficient (Smart) strategy use. The programs are aimed at middle-school students whose numeracy or literacy outcomes are below minimum standards. QuickSmart is designed to enhance a student’s fluency in either numeracy or literacy (reading and comprehension) by improving their information retrieval times.

t uses research-based instructional strategies to support the learning of persistently low-achieving middle school students so that they are more actively and successfully engaged in inclusive classroom settings. Independent analysis of independent, norm-referenced test results for over 63,000 QuickSmart students show that they consistently achieve up to three years’ academic growth over a recommended 90-lesson period (

At Boonah SHS, about 30 students each year participate in QuickSmart literacy and numeracy, with testing occurring at the start of the school year/end of the previous school year.

If your student is selected for the program, a permission note will go home early in term 1 and the program runs for three, 30-minute lessons throughout the week. Participating in the program means that students miss three part lessons a week and we try to timetable the lessons so that students do not typically miss more than one part of one subject in a week. Once the timetable has been completed, student’s timetables are updated to reflect their QuickSmart times.

Case Management

Case management is a a collaborative process where a teacher-case manager develops, monitors, communicates and evaluates a plan of action, including supportive care, to enable students with support needs to overcome challenges and enhance engagement.

How does Boonah SHS identify students for case management support?

When a student enrols, the administration team carefully look at the data and the needs of the student. A recommendation is then made for case management and further work is done to determine student needs and decide if this is the right support and direction for the student. Data is also reviewed throughout the school year to identify other students who may benefit from this support.

How does a case manager support students?

  • They get to know the students by: looking at the data and any other information; by meeting and getting to know the student; and by meeting parents and other stakeholders.
  • They develop, review and update a Personalised Learning Plan which communicates, to teachers the students learning needs and the adjustments that are needed to assist them in the classroom.
  • They goal set with the students each term, to develop a personal and meaningful goal which has a positive impact on their engagement and/or achievement at school.
  • They work as part of the school team, to link the student into additional school or community based supports or programs.
  • They check in with the student and assist with resolving issues which may impact on them or their education.
  • They work as an advocate for the student.
  • They support the student’s family, by being a key point of contact within the school.


What is Impact?

IMPACT is an online program which aims to develop 21st century skills.  The program is part of Education QLD.

IMPACT has a number of courses that are specifically designed to develop different skills and each year Boonah SHS determines the best fitting program for the targeted students.

In addition to specifically developing 21st century skills and other skills specific to the program being delivered, IMPACT develops students ability to metacognitive awareness of their strengths and weaknesses; set learning goals; monitor their own learning process; to seek help when needed and to manage the time. The data from the IMPACT centre indicates that it has a direct correlation to student achievement in online courses (Zimmerman & Schunk, 2001).


Who does IMPACT target at Boonah SHS?

Impact targets a small group of students, who achieve results in the upper 2 bands for NAPLAN.

Students are selected, by the year level deputy and year level coordinator, after consulting both NAPLAN data, attendance, A to E and other data.


What are the goals of the IMPACT at Boonah SHS:

Improve student and school outcomes—students confidence and performance improves as they ask questions, analyse and evaluate arguments, and explain and justify reasoning at an advanced level

Deliver the Australian Curriculum—students' cognitive skills and general capabilities are developed and transfer directly to curriculum learning areas.

Engagement and extension – by providing students with opportunities to be learn from expert teachers and develop additional skills, the aim is that students are better engaged in all of their school subjects.

How do you know your student has been selected to participate in IMPACT?
If your student has been selected to participate in IMPACT, you will receive a letter detailing the program and dates that times that the program will run.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in the program, you will need to contact the program coordinator, Mrs Erin Kerr, to withdraw from the program.

Want more information? 

Would you Like to have a chat about case management or the QuickSmart program? Please feel free to contact Mrs Erin Kerr, Head of Inclusion on 5460 61111 or via email

Last reviewed 25 May 2020
Last updated 25 May 2020