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Assessment Policy

At the beginning of each semester, students will receive an individualised planner outlining assessment details for each subject studied.  Students should use this to plan their time in order to complete all assessment items to the best of their ability.
1.    Every day counts. Students who are enrolled at school, should attend on every school day.  Parents should provide a reason for a student’s absence either before or on the day of the absence, or as soon as practicable.
2.    Students need to complete all assessment tasks (e.g. assignments, practical tasks, orals) on or before the designated day.  If students are unable to meet the due dates, they must be proactive in meeting the requirements of the Assessment Policy below e.g. Applying for Extension before due date, etc.  Failure to meet interim or final due dates will result in students being placed into a support process.
3.    All work should be completed to the best of the student’s ability.  It should reflect a reasonable effort given the time for the student to complete it.  If a submitted item does not reflect a reasonable effort, the student will be entered into a support process which may include resubmitting assessment (original result will stand) or completion of catch-up detentions.
4.    Students need to exhibit honesty and ethical behaviour in undertaking assessment requirements.  These tasks must be the student’s own work.  Cheating and plagiarism are serious offences.  Cheating is defined as any behaviour that a student seeks to unfairly gain an advantage in assessment tasks, (e.g. bring unauthorised material into an exam: communicating with other during the exam whether by speaking or other means; reading another student’s work during the exam; or having assignments prepared by someone else). 
Plagiarism is the act of taking and using another person’s work as one’s own, e.g. copying the whole or part of another person’s work; paraphrasing another’s work and making only minor changes; or reproducing another person’s work without appropriate acknowledgement.
Cheating or plagiarism will result in a negative behavior level.
5.    Students in Year 11 and 12 are classified as post compulsory.  They are expected to achieve a QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education).  In addition to QCE, students can achieve an OP, Selection Rank and/or VET qualification. 

Late submission and non-submission of student assessment in Authority and Authority Registered subjects
·   Where students do not submit a response to an assessment instrument by the due date, judgements should be made using evidence available on or before the due date.  The practice of awarding a lower standard as a penalty for lateness is not valid in a standards-based system of externally moderated school-based assessment.
·   A standard can only be awarded where evidence has been demonstrated.  In classes on non-submission of student responses, an “E” standard cannot be awarded where there is no evidence for it.
·   Judgements of student achievement are made by matching a body of evidence provided by students’ responses to assessment instruments to the standards descriptors outlined in the relevant syllabus.
·   The consequence for cheating and plagiarism may result in the student being asked to resubmit.  However, their result will be reflective of the portion of work originally submitted which can be verified as their own.
Absence as a result of family travel/holiday
As students perform best and achieve their potential through regular attendance at school, every effort should be made to maximise each student’s attendance at school.  If students are absent for more than 11 days parents/caregivers should contact the Principal as early as possible before the absence to discuss the circumstances and complete the Application for exemption for a child or young person enrolled in a Queensland state school.
Absence on Due Date for At-Home Tasks e.g. assignments, projects, scripts/presentation preparation:
If absence prevents submission of an At-Home Task on or before the due date, every effort should be made by the student to submit the task by end of school (3:05pm) on the due date.  Students could submit their assessment by:
·      Sending it with a trusted friend or sibling to deliver to the office or teacher/HOD;
·      Emailing it to the teacher/HOD;
·      Faxing the response to school office (fax number: 5460 6100);
·      Parent/caregiver dropping it to the school office;
·      Mailing the response, ensuring the package/envelope is date stamped on or before the due date.
Upon return to school, students must see their teacher before school to submit a paper copy of the work that was completed on or before the due date, together with the Task and Criteria Sheets. A Medical Certificate/note must be provided to Student Services – Attendance, at this time.
Absence on due Date for In-class Tasks e.g. presentations/performances, orals, exams:
If a medical reason prevents attendance at school and consequently, prevents completion of an in‑class assessment item, students should;
·      have a parent/caregiver contact the teacher/HOD to explain the student’s absence from the assessment;
·      gain a Medical Certificate for the period of their absence (Senior School – Years 10, 11 and 12);
Upon return to school, students should:
·      present their Medical Certificate (medical note for Junior School) to Student Services – Attendance.
·      be prepared to sit/present their assessment item at the earliest convenience of the school.
Absence as a result of School-Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship or TAFE
Students involved in a School-Based Traineeship or TAFE must be proactive in meeting their assessment obligations.  They should negotiate with teachers/HODs, employers or training providers to ensure assessment is completed.
Technical issues encountered on Due Date e.g. Computer/printer/internet problems
Students are expected to implement back-up procedures in order to avoid a total loss of work e.g. emailing assessment to and from school using their school email account, storing a copy of item on school network and USB.  If computer difficulties are encountered, students must submit what they have available on the due date e.g. last saved copy, hand written versions, drafts.  If it is a printer breakdown, students should use email and USB to transport the file/s to school. The School Library is available for students to access computers and print if necessary.
Extension of time
If a student requires additional time to complete an assessment item, they are to complete an Extension Application form (obtained from the administration office). This form will require students to state the reason/s additional time as needed and to acquire support from:
·  Parents/caregivers – e.g. signature verifying the reason given, and/or provide a medical certificate.
·  Class teacher – signature and comments either supporting or declining support for extension, depending on evidence of work completed to that point in time.
·  HOD – if supported, negotiation of new due date which the student then writes in their Planner and the a copy of the form is given to teacher to attach to the item when submitted on that new date  The original document will need to be returned to Student Services for inclusion in the student’s file.
Special Provisions
Students and/or parents/caregivers can apply for Special Provision of reasonable educational adjustments if they consider that the student’s learning or assessment has or will be seriously affected.   The grounds for Special Provision include disability, health and compassionate reasons, and will need to be applied for through the Guidance Officer.  Support for students with diverse learning needs will be provided through consultation with the Student Support team.