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Senior secondary

Senior Secondary Subjects Offered at Boonah State High School.

Boonah SHS offers a wide variety of Authority(OP), Authority Registered (Non OP) and Stand Alone Vet subjects. Students are able to work with the Senior Schooling team to choose the best mix of subjects to achieve their goals inline with the SET Plan.

Authority Subjects


Business Communication and Technology







Home Economics

Information Processing and Technology

Mathematics A

Mathematics B

Mathematics C

Modern History

Physical Education


Visual Art


Authority Registered Subjects

English Communication

Information and Communication Technology

Building and Construction Skills

Engineering Skills

Furnishing Skills

Prevocational Mathematics

Recreation Studies

Visual Arts in Practice


  • Beyond Year 10 – a new phase in your education

    From July 2006, new laws in Queensland have meant that young people now have to stay in school until they finish Year 10 or turn 16, whichever comes first, when previously they could leave school when they turned 15.

  • How do I cope with Years 11 and 12?

    So you have breezed through Year 10 – and perhaps some of you are hoping to do likewise in Year 11. The news is, though, that many of you are likely to be jolted somewhat by the marked differences you may find in several areas.

  • How to choose subjects and courses

    Choosing your senior subjects is an experience not to be rushed.

  • New Secondary Assessment and Tertiary Entrance System - 2019

    New Secondary Assessment and Tertiary Entrance System - 2019

  • Selection criteria for entry into tertiary institutions

    Students eligible for consideration for standard admission must satisfy any prerequisite subject requirements for their preferred courses. They must also have obtained an Overall Position (OP) awarded by the QSA or obtained a rank calculated by QTA

  • Senior Schooling Accountability Program

    It is our aim to graduate senior students who are responsible, independent learners who are able to succeed in further education or take their place in the world of work.

  • Senior schooling considerations

    Choosing subjects for Years 11 and 12 is very important and requires you to give full consideration in order to adequately prepare you for your future.

  • Senior Schooling Glossary

    What do all of the different terms mean?

  • Senior Secondary Subjects

    Subjects offered for study in Year 11 and 12 at Boonah State High School fall into two categories - Authority and Authority Registered Subjects.

  • Tertiary entrance for Senior Students without OP’s

    Students who complete Year 12 and do not qualify for an OP can still gain entry to courses offered a tertiary institutions participating in QTAC.

  • What is a rank?

    ​Ranks are worked out from tables developed by QTAC in consultation with other higher education authorities. Where OP’s are based on a scale from 1 (highest) to 25 (lowest), ranks are based on a scale from 99 (highest) to 1 (lowest).

  • What is a SET Plan?

    ​Your SET Plan maps out how you will work towards attaining a Queensland Certificate of Education or Senior Statement, a Certificate III vocational qualification, and/or a viable work option.

  • Work Experience

    Boonah State High offers a Work Experience Program for all students in Years 10 and 11 which is aimed to help students make informed, realistic decisions about